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Summary of James and the Giant Peach

James and the Giant Peach novel written in 1961 by British author Roald Dahl. This is a story about friendship, cooperation, and facing fears. It stars a young James Henry Trotter. He lived in England a wonderful life with his father and mother in a small house by the sea. Then one day a terrible thing happened, an enormous angry rhinoceros gobbled up his father and mother while shopping in London. After he lost his parents, he was forced to live as a servant with his two horrible aunts; Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker. Moreover, he was never allowed to meet other children.

One day, when he was working in the garden, a small elderly man came holding a magic bag fraught with little green things that looked like little stones or crystals. He told the boy they have power to help him escape from his troubles, achieve his dreams, and give him freedom.  He took the bag and made his way home, but he fell when he was passing an old peach tree and the green things came out from the bag and a peach started to grow and grow.

This peach was a home for bugs, insects, and animals—, they wanted to go out, and James helped them. They crossed the seas facing death and dangers on their way to New York City.

James Henry Trotter was once of the sad and lonely kids, but now he had a new family and all friends in the world they visit him to hear the story about an adventure all these giant peach creatures.

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محمود قحطان

مدقق لغوي، شاعرُ فُصحى، ومُهندسٌ مِعماريٌّ. أحد الشُّعراء الَّذين شاركوا في موسم مُسابقة أمير الشُّعراء الأوّل في أبوظبي، حيثُ اختير ضمن أفضل مئتي شاعر من ضمن أكثر من (7500) شاعرٍ من جميع أنحاء العالم. نُشر عددٌ من إنتاجه الشّعريّ في الصّحفِ المحليّة والعربيّة، وأصدرَ أربعة دواوين شعريّة وكتابًا نقديًّا. مؤمنٌ بالفكرِ الإبداعيّ وأنّ كلّ ذي عاهةٍ جبّار.

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