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The Magic Finger preview

The Magic Finger preview


The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl. On the farm, there are Philip and William Gregg and their parents Mr. And Mrs. Gregg, every Saturday morning they used to go into the wood for hunting animals and birds just for plain fun.

The farm next door, there is a narrator, eight-year-old girl who has a magic finger. Whenever she gets cross and sees red her magic is activated, her finger twitches causing a sort of lightning flash, jumps out, onto the person of her ire, and turn him or her into birds or an animal like her old teacher when turned into a cat.

Because they were hunting that makes her very cross, she tries to talk them out of it, but the Greggs only laughs at her, so she turns her Magic Finger on Gregg family, and now they turned into tiny humans with wings as ducks!

When they turn into ducks, they have arms and legs and they cannot live in their house anymore like a human, so they have to make a nest on a tree and live as a prey. In addition, their former prey moves into the house to become the hunters. Now the ducks start shooting at the Greggs instead!

In the end, the family decides to stop hunting and feeding birds instead. Moreover, the people turn back to normal and Mr. Gregg smashes all guns into tiny pieces with a huge hammer, so they never go hunting again.


This story is not just about boys or girls or birds or just a funny story, it is about behavior that affects those who are powerless and innocent. This story teaches children how to be kindness, empathy and how to treat everyone with respect, by imagining yourself in someone else’s position to understand how he feels, and this book teaches it beautifully with humor and magic.

Of course, it is funny too, especially with Mr. Gregg because he is funny and sometimes a scaredy-cat.

Finally, if you have a magic finger, please, use it for good causes. Who would touch you

#The Magic Finger preview by Mahmoud Qahtan

اظهر المزيد

محمود قحطان

مدقق لغوي، شاعرُ فُصحى، ومُهندسٌ مِعماريٌّ. أحد الشُّعراء الَّذين شاركوا في موسم مُسابقة أمير الشُّعراء الأوّل في أبوظبي، حيثُ اختير ضمن أفضل مئتي شاعر من ضمن أكثر من (7500) شاعرٍ من جميع أنحاء العالم. نُشر عددٌ من إنتاجه الشّعريّ في الصّحفِ المحليّة والعربيّة، وأصدرَ أربعة دواوين شعريّة وكتابًا نقديًّا. مؤمنٌ بالفكرِ الإبداعيّ وأنّ كلّ ذي عاهةٍ جبّار.

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