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Fiction Book Review Essay: The Client by John Grisham

Fiction Book Review Essay: The Client by John Grisham

Book Title: The ClientAuthor: John Grisham. Published: first published 1993. Size: 17 * 12. The number of: (483) pages.

The Client, by John Grisham, takes place in Memphis, Tennessee. It starts with eleven-year-old Mark Sway and his kid brother sneaking into the woods to smoke cigarettes behind their Memphis trailer park. 

While in the woods, they witness the suicide of a lawyer. However, before he kills himself, he tells Mark some very dark secrets; secrets no one should know. This the lawyer told him about a Mafia client of his that killed a US Senator and buried him in the lawyer’s garage.

These secrets put Mark and his entire family at risk of being threatened or hurt. This event puts Mark’s brother in shock. Mark is pressured into telling these things to the police and the FBI and the Mafia. Because Mark did not tell any of them-including a judge, he was put in jail until he agreed to reveal the secrets. All of this happened after he hired a lawyer in his 50’s named Reggie Love for the fee of one dollar.

Mark eventually escapes from juvenile jail in order to verify the secrets. He and Reggie go to the place where the corpse is supposed to be. However, at the same time, the Mafia decided to do the same thing! Mark almost got caught, but he was able to scare off the thugs!

Mark and Reggie find the corpse, and make a deal with the FBI—if the FBI agrees to put him and his mother and brother into the witness protection program, he would tell them where the body is. And that is what happened.

Mark and his family move to Arizona, and they all live happily ever after.

# Fiction Book Review Essay: The Client by John Grisham_Mahmoud Qahtan

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محمود قحطان

مدقق لغوي، شاعرُ فُصحى، ومُهندسٌ مِعماريٌّ. أحد الشُّعراء الَّذين شاركوا في موسم مُسابقة أمير الشُّعراء الأوّل في أبوظبي، حيثُ اختير ضمن أفضل مئتي شاعر من ضمن أكثر من (7500) شاعرٍ من جميع أنحاء العالم. نُشر عددٌ من إنتاجه الشّعريّ في الصّحفِ المحليّة والعربيّة، وأصدرَ أربعة دواوين شعريّة وكتابًا نقديًّا. مؤمنٌ بالفكرِ الإبداعيّ وأنّ كلّ ذي عاهةٍ جبّار.

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